BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 12-03-2015

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How to crack JEE MAINS?

Students aiming to crack JEE Mains must start working on it with dedication and follow a simplified and systematic route to bring the best outcome. Extreme commitment has to be maintained by the students throughout the period of two years till the target is achieved. To start with, the JEE aspirants must first create a time table to be followed strictly. This time table should schedule everything starting from time for meals, time for rest, time for reading, time for attempting mock papers and time for learning concepts and theories and likewise.

Next comes, prioritizing topics. The students must understand the pattern of the paper. Students must start studying topics that have the most weightage in the paper. For example, in the Physics paper, questions from topics like Current Electricity, Heat and Thermodynamics will have the highest weightage which will be around 7% and 6% respectively. The JEE question papers will have 25% easy questions, 50% of questions with average difficulty and the rest 25% with high difficulty. While attempting the paper, the students must learn to pick up all the easy questions and do them first. This is also what most experts advise the students to do, while attempting the JEE Mains paper.

A very common error that leads to poor results in JEE mains is the errors in calculations. This is very commonly found among students appearing for the JEE mains. Such errors may occur due to various reasons such as reading the question wrongly or mistakes in calculating because of wrong numbers etc. Therefore the candidates must read the questions very carefully. This will not only help the candidates to understand what the question asks and avoid unnecessary mistakes but it will also help them to dodge the traps laid down by the examiner in tricky questions.