BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 12-03-2015

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How to crack MBA Cat exam?

The Common Admission Test also popularly known as CAT is a national level entrance exam that is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management’s (IIMs) to select the best suited candidates for their postgraduate management programs. CAT is a very highly competitive exam and is valued highly among various B-Schools in India. The CAT score is used by more than 150 Business schools in India to facilitate the admission procedure to various postgraduate management courses offered by them. Every year about 175000 to about 250000 students apply to appear for this examination because of which the competition level in this exam is really high.

Cracking CAT is not a piece of cake but it is also not as difficult as turning water into wine. Each year CAT is conducted by a different IIM because of which there are possibilities for changes in the format and the duration of this examination.

The candidates aiming to crack CAT must first know what constitutes the question paper. The CAT question paper has two parts. The First part consists of questions from Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation while the Second part consists of questions from Verbal ability and Logical reasoning. Ability to play with numbers and a strong hold on English language is a must to crack CAT. The other important factor in the CAT examination is ‘Time’. Time is an important determinant in the CAT exam. The candidates must learn to solve questions relating to mathematics within a minute which can only be done through constant practice. The candidates must also have a very good reading speed and an excellent vocabulary to tackle the lengthy comprehensions that appear in this examination. Very good reading speed and ability to calculate big numbers within seconds will help the candidate to attempt more number of questions in this test.

To crack CAT, aspirants must start working on it atleast a year earlier. A little bit of study should be done daily which will make a huge difference towards the end. Aspirants with weakness in English language must start reading books to understand the structuring of sentences and also to increase vocabulary. The candidates facing difficulty in the quant section must start practicing early so as to find ample amount of time to understand the concepts and gain control over techniques to calculate swiftly. Hence, all that an MBA aspirant aiming to crack CAT must always hold on to is dedication and constant practice.