BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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To do an MBA in HR, students must first obtain a bachelor’s degree from a recognized University. Weightage and prominence is given to the candidates who have good amount of work experience by the B-schools. Human Resource could only be seen as a part of big companies once but now even small firms have a HR team. Therefore, having an MBA in HR will land you into getting good placements and opportunities to work with big companies.

The schedule for MBA in HR is highly rigorous. The duration of the program is generally two years but in some cases it ends in one years’ time. The whole course would include detailed study in areas like Accounting, Global Business, Organizational Development, Business Analyst, Marketing and various other fields. The course would include creating reports, presentations, group projects and assignments.

Getting a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management will open opportunities to work in positions like Human resource Manager, Payroll Director, Affirmative Action Officer and many other opportunities.

In India colleges like Management Development Institute (MDI Gurgaon), XLRI, IMI, NMIMS etc. are some of the top B-Schools that provide the best MBA degrees in Human Resource Management.