BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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Belling CAT: It starts in the head

The students preparing for CAT examination should make the optimum use of the time that they have because the most annoying thing the students have to tackle is panic. Therefore, the students should give importance to rest too. As the date of the examination bells, the students start taking lot of pressure on themselves. The students should work on the previous year examination papers, Mock test papers, Mock CAT and students should start working on individual sections, as every section has equal importance because students leave many questions because of the fear of negative marking.


A proper time table must be created and followed by the candidates to ensure maximum utilization of time. Candidates should at least take 2 mock tests a day to build on speed and accuracy. To minimize the pressure the students should read books apart from CAT to refresh them. Pressure is good sometimes as it makes you maximize your capabilities but more of pressure is not good for exams as well as the health and that should be taken care of. If you prepared enough for the examination and for some reason you got sick, that illness can make your whole year preparation worthless.


The competitors confronting trouble in the quant segment must begin honing early in order to discover adequate measure of time to comprehend the ideas and increase control over methods to ascertain quickly.