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Date : 24-03-2015

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How to choose a B-school?

Business Schools acts as the prestigious governing bodies whose contribution into enhancing the percentage of smart business heads and corporate managers have added wonders to this system. There are several business schools initiated in this educational stream within India which undergoes various changes so as to offer the students what is best and qualified for them. Young learners have a vast ocean full of various streams flowing into them, into which Business Management and Administration tops the list. Their decision on how and on what basis to choose an equivalent B-School depends on their requirement and criteria along with personal situations and comfort zone.

Following points will elaborate some of the enlisted check points to be ticked before going for a business school:

     Factors to Consider When Choosing a School

Certain factors must be considered before going for any professional educational hub and these points must be kept in mind while whole doing any Research and Development:

  • Does the school I’m opting for offers desirable degree I’m looking for? (e.g., MBA, MCA, EMBA)
  • Is the fee affordable?
  • What is the academic infrastructure like?
  • Do placement activities offer best-marked opportunities along with secured employment and future?
  • Is the curriculum so listed is narrow or flexible?
  • The class schedule so mentioned is reliable according to my timings and accommodations?
  • Is the location safe and sound?

     Institutional Evaluation:

Applicants searching for an effective business school must go through the brochures and information provided about that particular institution via online websites and different web links. They should explore the campus and talk with the teaching faculty and the students, so as to get an idea about how the procedure works. Evaluate the information so gathered according to the needs and requirements and make a list about the positives and negatives. On another part, curriculum must be read carefully, as the candidates have to go through that curriculum for their whole academic year. Fee structure must be kept in mind while checking.


There are two process of evaluation the resources and reputation of any institute:

  • Personal Grounds
  • Professional Grounds

For the first college, any candidate must check how others and even the students studying within the school perceives the image of the college and in what ways it can prove advantageous. In this way, you will get a summative on admission criteria. For the second point, certain accreditations, recognitions and approvals can be checked distinctively at several instances, whether the college has any links on international level, or up to what rankings the college has gone and much more.

      Academic Evaluation:

The educational factor is the most important and most precise. How the curriculum is shaped and designed, how other schools are providing and till what length they are modernly upgraded, what is the source of their syllabus and study programs, these questions must be solved accurately and the mind must be cleared astoundingly. Training sessions, programs offered and internship programs must be checked and analyzed for a better experience.

     Location Of The B-School

The geographical location of the college is most important. Not only for girls, but for boys also, it is mostly important and specific to look after their security as well as accommodation purposes before logging on for any B-School or any other institute. Safety is a big part, and along with that, comfort accommodating adds cherry on the cake. Also, for placement recruitment companies, it becomes a boon if any B-School comes under its demographic spheres and it becomes easy for them to offer their services at certain extent.