BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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Interview Tips for Fresher's

Going through an interview for a job opportunity for the first time may be a great task for most of us and it is quite common to feel anxious in such a situation. The candidates who are about to face an interview for the first time must know what constitutes an interview and what is it that is expected by the interviewer from the candidates.

The first thing that will make an impression on the interviewer is the way the candidates dress up for the interview. Candidates must always make it a point to make themselves look presentable. This does not mean that one should get the costliest outfit available in the market to go for an interview. Good, Professional and sober dressing will always bring brownie points to the interviewee.


The next thing that the candidates must know is about the company. Before going for the interview, the candidates must make sure to research about the company for which the interview is being conducted. The profile of the company, the business that they deal in, the pre-requisites for the job profile that the candidates is applying for, are some of the questions that the candidates must find an answer to, before going for the interview.


The candidates must always keep in mind to have clarity in everything that comes out of their mouth. Being argumentative will not help during an interview. The candidates must also be open to accepting the viewpoint of others in the room.