BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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The Data Interpretation section will comprise of data intensive questions usually in the form of paragraphs, tables, pie-charts, bar-graphs etc. to tackle questions in this section, the candidates must have very good calculating speed and comprehension skills.


The DI section will have questions which will have bar-graphs, pie-charts and further information given in paragraphs which will definitely seem to be really complex on a superficial look. The candidates should note that the complex looking questions are the most easy to solve questions. So, judging the difficulty of the question just on the basis of a superficial look will do no good. The candidates must improve and increase their calculation speed. The candidates will have to calculate stuffs like 845/967 and not just once but for a row of similar numbers in a single question. Vedic Maths will definitely help to increase the speed in calculations. 

To be more familiar with the Data interpretation section, the candidates must start solving sDI questions which will give an idea about the different types of questions. With time the candidates will start to recognize the formats of the questions of this section.


The most important factor that should always be adhered to is practice. Practicing question on a daily basis will help candidates not only to improve their calculating speed but also give them more time to solve the remaining questions.