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Date : 24-03-2015

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How to prepare for IAS essay writing?

The civil services exam consists of an essay writing paper of 200 marks which is also a crucial determinant of the final scores of the examination. Since this paper has no specialization, candidates cannot claim expertise in this paper. The candidates must understand that the essay is an attempt to gauge the candidate’s personality which includes ideas, analysis, assessments, values, aptitude, writing skills etc., the essential qualities required by a civil service aspirant.


To write a good essay, the candidates must know what constitutes an essay. The elements that constitute an essay its format, information provided in it, language and logic.


The opening paragraph must contain an introduction to the topic. This introduction should explain the theme or basic idea behind the writing. The next part should consist of the body or the main text of the essay. This comprises of a series of paragraphs which should have information and analysis using examples, facts and figures etc. This part should address the problems and the solutions to the main theme. The last part should consist of the conclusion. The conclusion of the essay must be stated in here.  This part should explain the essence of the whole essay.


The language of the essay should not be too complex to not make any sense in the end. Use of grammatically correct simple language will be the best way to approach the essay writing paper.