BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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Group Discussion Tips

A group discussion will make most of us nervous for no good reason. The first thing to overcome while going for a group discussion is the fear within. Portraying confidence and maintaining eye contact is very important during interviews and group discussions. It shows candidate’s positive approach and boldness towards everything. The candidates should be punctual and reach on time for the group discussion. The candidates should dress formally and also be groomed.


The ambiguities or doubts, if any, regarding the topic of the group discussion must be cleared before the discussion commences. The candidates must maintain a good body posture and a calm attitude all throughout the discussion. Raising voice, using inappropriate hand gestures and aggressive behavior will only do damage. The candidates must be patient during the whole discussion and not be impatient enough to jump in to contradict the other person while he/she is still speaking. Others participating in the discussion are an equal part of the same discussion. Therefore, the points being made by them should be heard carefully and appreciated.


If contradictions arise, the candidates must take initiative to sort it out and bring out a meaningful discussion towards the end. The candidates must understand that the aim of the discussion is not to speak more but to bring out meaningful points and an ultimate conclusion to the theme/topic of the discussion.