BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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Crack IIT JEE without coaching

It is not a very hard task to crack IIT JEE without any coaching. Students have accomplished this seemingly impossible task in the past and continue to do so. All it needs to achieve this is extreme dedication and integrity throughout the whole duration of the preparation. All that coaching can do is explain difficult concepts but the task of using that explanation into solving questions and finding answers can only be done through self-study.

Self-Study is an indispensible part of preparation for any examination. Every student aiming to crack competitive exams must develop the habit of self-studying which will not only broaden the idea behind the concepts but also help in understanding it in a deeper level. The JEE aspirants must first create a time table to be followed strictly. This time table should schedule everything starting from time for meals, time for rest, time for reading, time for attempting mock papers and time for learning concepts and theories and likewise.  Time management has to be maintained by the students. This can be done by selecting the best time to study, to study subjects according to their priority, taking breaks and not exceeding the time allotted for it etc. Following one single book for each subject is better than using a combination of two or three books for studying each subject. This will do more harm, as the students will be left in a state of confusion in the end.

The candidates must start practicing previous years’ question papers towards the last month before the commencement of the JEE exam. This will instill confidence and it will also improve the speed of the candidate.