BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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Tips to Crack General Studies

Some tips are provided to the applicants so as to prepare effectively for the area of General Studies Mains for Civil Prelims, and gain professed expertise in the specific area:

  • Scoring in the examination totally depends upon the perfection and efficiency by which the answers are given, under the precised time and within the accurately placed words. Hence, practice is something which is mostly important and must be done on regular basis before the exam date. Preparations are necessary, as they give you a brief idea about how to crack the exam and in what form the exam paper can appear.
  • Time management is a big necessity, as innovation and time management go hand in hand. Try to maintain your speed within the bound time, but keep a quality check on the answers so provided. Manage time between the sections and try to finish it off in desired time limit.
  • Writing speed must be kept in mind while preparing, as candidates will be required to write answers within varied word limit. Write with a readable writing pattern, and use simple but effective words.
  • Read the questions, assess the answers and conclusions, describe gracefully and end it with a worthy conclusion.
  • Examination process changes every year, so the candidate must be prepared and must stay updated.
  • Current Affairs (CA) rounds to be the main motive while preparing for the exam.
  • Candidates must aim for 320 at least in each of the optional as it is difficult to score big.
  • Candidates must read the English newspaper daily so as to stay updated, and must include some of the reputed columns win their readings. Every small detail and affair is a win-win.
  • A detailed knowledge about environment, climate change, ecology, biodiversity must be achieved.
  • Topics like Statistics and Indian Economy (Planning, Growth, Mobilization of Resources, Employment, Foreign Trade, Economic and Diplomacy issues relating oil, gas, energy, role of IMF, WTO, World Bank, etc.).
  • Basic concepts can be covered through IGNOU provided study materials.