BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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Do's n Don't Do's During GD

While participating in a Group Discussion, several questions and conclusions may arise in your mind, and you would stay conscious of your actions and words and have to analyze everything before representing so as to acquire positive points for selection process. Here is an entitled list of Dos and Don’ts while participation:


  • Develop a listening power
  • Pen down your thoughts on a paper before speaking.
  • Take the initiative if you know any topic.
  • Listen to others if you are not aware of that particular topic.
  • Use some facts and figures so as to support your point.
  • Speak and contribute to the flow for 25-30 seconds 3-4 times.
  • Let others speak too.
  • The way of speaking and conveying your thoughts must be polite and pleasant.
  • Disagreement must be made on a polite note.
  • Conclude the discussion with effective summary and points so as to reach a precise and efficient solution.


  • Speak about any topic so as to increase your value despite not knowing enough or half about the topic.
  • Over speaking, interrupt or do not give other people chances.
  • Argue and speak loudly while in GD.
  • Look at the panel of judges or evaluators while discussing.
  • Speak non-factual and irrelevant things and interrupt abruptly.
  • Exhibit negative physical gestures, like touching your nose, looking back continuously, knocking the table etc.
  • Irregular and wrong statistics included.
  • Displaying low level of confidence or shaky voice while speaking.
  • Directing the discussion.
  • Under confident body language.