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Date : 24-03-2015

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MBA Interview Questions

The Personal Interview marks as a last exam necessary to conquer, as it is the last and the toughest mile need to be cleared. PI serves as an innovatively-difficult task, as even after months of preparation, candidates still feel the pressure and uncertainty over how and in what tone the questions will arise and asked. Some of the top questions asked are given to you below with necessary solutions over to react and answer. The round becomes crucial, and evaluates your personal and professional skills along with managerial and communicative skills so as to aspire for a MBA program.

So here is a list of some popular questions asked from MBA Aspirants during PI:

Q. Do you identify about yourself? (Tell us something about yourself.)

A. This is though the commonly asked question, for which the answer must be witty and short but must provide the panel with worthy information about you. Things already mentioned in the resume must not be repeated, as this question shows your communication skills and intellect, body language, confidence and your confidence. Some of the things you can talk about are as below:

  • Educational and Professional background
  • Interest and Hobbies, giving an idea about your personality
  • Your strengths, providing a vision to the panel about your capabilities and positivity you will carry while working. 

Q. Do you obtain a worthy Resume with a 6-second impact? (Can you walk me across your resume?)

A. This concludes to be a challenging question, as it requires you to be in full aware of your strengths and demerits and your representation of your personality in a worthy and intentioned state. Talk about your achievements and highlight the efficient points mentioned on the resume.

Q. Do you have any idea where you’re directed for? (Where do you picture yourself 5-10 years from now?)

A. This is a popular question usually asked from MBA aspirants so as to evaluate their ambitions and professional strengths and in what direction they are directing themselves after gaining further education. Prepare for a relevant and specifically witty answer, hilarious but inspiring. Talk about your visions and future plans which you want to execute. Do not boast, but be practical.

Q. Do you know the tenacity for your being here? (Why MBA?)

A. Answer this question according to your achievements and your professional backgrounds, if you are a fresher or have a slightest experience. Answers must be abstract and economic.

Q. Do you comprise of a strong hold on your gaining power? (Questions about your knowledge for the Course you are pursuing or pursued.)

A. This question evaluates your knowledge about the topic or course you have applied for and how well or in-out you are aware about the requirements and curriculum.