BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 24-03-2015

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Pros Cons Distance Learning

Distance Learning always  maintained its pros and cons, and students must be aware of it before any sort of enrollment is made. Following are some of the strengths and weaknesses mentioned.



Distance learning allows the students to accomplish their course degree or secondary education just from anywhere. Accommodation is not an obstacle anyhow.  This point allows students to work and study at the same time provided there is a computer and internet connection.

No Traveling:

Students have the access to study from the home even as they do not have to travel places for a special institution in order to gain education.

School Choices:

Distance Learning allows you with a rapid choice of various schools and institutions from which you can study or evaluate the programs and enroll accordingly.


Prices for online enrolment stay comparatively low than the on-campus institutions, and cuts back on the traveling expense as well.

Work while learning:

There is no boundary for you to leave your office hours so as to be present for classes. That is the major leverage, as you can divide your time in between your office hours and studies, letting the income and education flows in simultaneously without any worry.


Lack of Social Interface:

Classrooms provide you with an opportunity to interact with fellow classmates and gain numerous experiences. Chat rooms, discussion boards can provide you with virtual interactive experience but there is a huge difference.

Format Not Ideal:

Not every learner can be compatible with the course curriculum provided for online education system. There can be issues with motivation, attention and simplification of the course details which every student cannot just grip on.


Not every employer accepts online distance education degree and considers individuals eligible for a specific job. This can be a major drawback.


Not all the courses, degrees and further education are available on stream. Many degrees require practical involvement and sessions for a better educational rapport.