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Date : 24-03-2015

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MBA Course & Specialization

The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A) represents a master’s achievement within the interface of business administration and management. It was originated in US, and travelled within various corners of several countries offering leveled MBA programs under specialized areas of Business Administration and Financial Management. Several full-time, part-time, executive, and distance learning secured MBA programs are proposed to the students with an industry-influenced syllabus and equipped tools. Some of main core specialization areas are:


An MBA focusing in financial management provides specialization within the elective genres of accounting, financial management and control, transactions and banking and national and global economic market. The course lays light on several aspects of financial theories, practical elaborations and formative areas.

Human Resources

Human resource management teaches the candidates about detailed knowledge regarding employing, preparation, team building, performance enhancement, employee policy and codes, salary, paybacks and increments, health and conveniences. You must possess a powerful influencing strategy as well as communication skills for a professed gain.

Information Technology

No business can operate without technical assistance and advancement being included in their operations and processes. IT support results in an updated working environment with best technical equipment being included in the working plan. There comes a requirement for a MBA specialist in Information Technology (IT), as this area grants efficient information and education about designing, creating, selecting, implementing and managing the emerging technology within the professional interface.

Logistics & Operations

In this modern era, companies require a very innovative chain of logistics/operations manager with a MBA specialization in Logistics/Operations who can handle and operate the core functioning of any reputed organization and supervises the functions and processes regarding conception, fabrication, circulation and delivery of the company’s goods and services.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing differs hypothetically, but serves the same purposes and goals. Both the concepts are correlated and one affects the other in a vice-versa state. A MBA specialization in this sector helps with enhancing the know-how within the genre of marketing, promotion, public relations etc.


The retail sector advances for a hectic jumpstart and is estimated for around $637 billion in evaluation by 2015. MBA specialization in this sector can be a worthy investment, and will prove to be a wise choice for reaping revenues and quantitative dividends. Being a populace-oriented sector, a professional will be involved in marketing facilities and merchandises to the consumers.