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Date : 24-03-2015

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How Start, Lead, Conclude GD

Group Discussion (GD) proves to be a significant part of Business Schools and other Civil Services Examinations. A GD serves as an evaluated platform for the candidates so as to represent their communication, guidance, balanced, logical and relational areas for an impressive and efficient influence. 

Here are some of the points to be kept in mind while participating in the Group Discussion and certain steps must be kept in mind while initiating, leading and concluding any given topic:

How to Initiate a GD?

  • To begin with GD means seizing your foremost moment to introduce yourself and lay down your thoughts and facts with attention.
  • Try making an impression with your data, facts and content with effective communication skills you possess.
  • Do not stammer or present invalid or wrong facts.
  • Try to direct the discussion about the topic with effective statistical facts and factual servings.
  • If initiating, cover all the relevant points, definitions, quotes, figures, statements and questions.
  • Prepare your points with a time management strategy.

How to Lead on a GD?

  • Try adding new ideologies and theories.
  • Modify and develop any idea you get your hands on with creativity and intellectualness.
  • Try to improve and gain the support of fellow participants for the facts you are proposing.
  • Evaluate if GD is going off-track, and try to lead it on the right direction.

How to Conclude a GD?

  • Summarize and conclude all the points as discussed.
  • Avoid introducing any new points.
  • Avoid pressurizing on any one point raised during GD.
  • Do not contradict with some other’s point unless the conclusion includes some flaws or some significant point must be added.