BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 25-03-2015

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JEE Last Minute Preparation Tips

As the JEE Entrance Exam dates are getting closer, nervousness and stress burdens up intensively. Below are the provided tricks for JEE last minute preparations that can prove as an aid in cracking the exam with ease and efficiency.

JEE Main 2015 Last Minute Preparation Tips

  • Stay calm and composed, as anxiety and stress can make things headed in wrong and unfortunate directions.
  • Revise well all the points, definitions, topics, formulas and theories with relevancy and accuracy.
  • Do not start something new, as it will confuse you and complicate things further and mess up.
  • Hold on to your strong areas and specifications and sharpen them relentlessly.
  • Formulas are the key advances that can walk you through the exam easily.
  • Never interrogate your peers about how much they have covered, as it is a common tendency in humans to compete. It will increase panic and anxiety and may result in loosing your strong points.
  • Maintain a revision time table. Plan your subjects according to them.
  • Try to relax your mind with creative and soothing activities, and stay confident.
  • Get enough sleep and remove fatigue born out of stress.
  • Last minute preparations conclude all of your specialized corners you have put your hands on, and analyze how much you are capable of holding on to.  Do not mug up or learn without understanding.
  • Do not participate in any combined studies or group studies, as it will make your complications and doubts worse.
  • Concentrate on what you know rather than listening to others.