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Date : 25-03-2015

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Tips from IIT JEE Topper

IIT Joint Entrance Exam Toppers share some of the valued pointers and tips necessary for clearing the exam in one row:

  • Motivation can add wonders while preparing for your IIT JEE exam with an appropriate objective. The motive must be clear so as to clear the exam and score the intended number you want to. Energy and confidence is utterly important.
  • Candidates feel easily distracted while studying due to a number of odd reasons. Hence, it is very much important for the candidates to maintain their concentration power and keep the mind on the track. Useless concerns may prove fatal and may harm your speed to adapt things.
  • Candidates often rush with the answers, and do not understand any topic well in order to cover up the course. Practice well from the NCERT and Mock Paper texts, and try solving the sample papers and IIT-JEE Mock papers so as to get an idea about how the paper will come. Work hard on all the topics, and cover the essentials cleverly.
  • Allot specific time for different subjects to solve them effortlessly. Prepare smartly, and do not waste time on any one particular area. Plan the time strategy accordingly. Time management can save you wonders of time for preparation and final revisions.
  • Do not involve any other study modules and coaching substitutes, as it will give rise to confusion and complications. JEE study materials, NCERT book, Previous IIT-JEE papers, Mock and Sample papers must be kept to reference purposes. The exam evaluates speed and relevancy, and these materials offer programmed curriculum and topics to be covered appropriately.