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Date : 25-03-2015

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Career in Armed Forces

A head start career in Indian Armed Forces serves different purposes from all other streams, as it directly enables you to contribute for the welfare of the society and nation. Most people join IAF with a sense of patriotism, some with a motive of adding in the flourishment of the society. Any soldier, technical assistant or even a clerk working under IAF is responsible for the contribution. The career prospects in the selective genre are as follows:

  • Head start

Armed Forces allow you to start your career in an early age. Candidates are allowed to begin their training and education when in between 15-20 years of age. Eligibility, academic requirements and physical abilities may vary accordingly.

  • Training

Training and education in most of the Defence institutions serve free academic services. Military trainings serve great purposes as they lay more emphasis on physical fitness, disciplined attitude and personality development. Training includes a wide variety of sports, rifle shooting, handling,, managing and other defensive techniques.

  • Career Prospects

Army is a place where professional growth and prosperity is a variable term, and allows opportunity to the candidates to take part actively.
NDA cadets are bestowed with Bachelor's degrees in Arts, Science or Computer Science after the end of training period, and graduate and Post-Graduate degrees in Engineering if pursuing any of the technical courses offered.
Assortment provided for the courses proposed by Defence Services, Staff College may lead to further studies and obtainment of an M Sc. in Defence and Strategic Studies.