BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 25-03-2015

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Career in Nuclear Engineering

Engineering is the process to design or invent something that doesn’t exist.  As the great physicist Elbert Einstein said “scientists are the ones who explore about things those already exist but engineers create them whether it is a building or a machine”. Engineers are those who shape thing or future with the help of their skills to almost everything that can be imagine which is limitless. There are number of sector in engineering as it’s a vast area to explore.

In that extreme limitless world nuclear engineering is an important branch which has given a wide contribution to our society such as x ray, medical treatments, defense, power etc. 

Nuclear engineer works on the research and development of the processes, systems and instruments used to pullout various benefits from the nuclear energy. They explore than design, monitor and operate nuclear plant used to generate electricity. Nuclear energy is used in various areas such as spacecraft, industries, medical equipment and facilities for the treatment of deadly disease. 

There are more than 25000 jobs in the engineering industry in the year 2009. Such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering this sector is not that well known but there is ample amount of opportunities for nuclear engineers and that is why nuclear engineering is also offered by various colleges especially in the country like India where it is an emerging concept between the students. Medium annual earning of a nuclear engineer goes up to $79,500 .