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Date : 25-03-2015

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Career in Marine Engineering

Talking about engineering is the process to design or invent something that doesn’t exist.  As the great physicist ‘ Elbert Einstein said scientist are the one who explore about things those already exist but engineers create them whether it is a building or a machine. Engineers are those who shape thing or future with the help of their skills to almost everything that can be imagine which is limitless. There are number of sector in engineering as it’s a vast area to explore.

Marine engineer works in creating, maintaining and improve the mechanical systems that are used in the plane carriers, boats, ships and other various marine things. Most of the times, the marine engineers choose specific areas they work on as there are lots of machineries on the board. Engine and other electrical system are there on the ship or vessel on which marine engineers work. 

Sometimes the engineers also have the responsibility of inspecting the installation and construction of the design they developed. For e.g.: They might need to check and instruct group of electricians who are working on the installation of an electrical system to make sure that the work should goes up to the mark as needed. 

The students who wish to make their career in marine engineering have to study senior secondary with physics, mathematics and then have to study marine engineering for graduation. After which there will be training for the students. Marine engineers are one of the great engineers who work on the complex machinery of marine vessels.