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Date : 25-03-2015

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Career Prospects MBA Retail

Master in business administration which is commonly known as MBA is basically a vast field and one of the famous courses amongst the students. There are various subjects in whom students choose according to their career interest such as MBA in Finance, Health Consultancy, Marketing, Retail Management, Banking, HR, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media and Services.

India is one of the most effective markets for any product which is introduced in the market whether it is a pin or a plane. More than 1 lakh products are introduced in the Indian market every year.

Retail in India is a vast field in which name like Ambanis, Birlas, Biyanis, Goenkas, Piramals and Tatas have made their own corners. Retail outlets assume a noteworthy part in the way Indians buy things nowadays. Shopping centers spread out over a large substantial region, the brilliant lights, and delicate mood melodies and cooling are central point which adds to the shopping environment of today.

These are not just to woo people who are out for shopping but it creates job opportunities in the various field such as accounts, administration, inventory, sales, security, finance, human resource, management and many more. There are various areas in which a retail management student can make their career such as advertising, market research, business diversification and market segmentation

After 12th standard the students have to prepare for the examination such as CAT (common aptitude test), MAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT etc., must be cleared to pursue an MBA in retail management.