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Date : 25-03-2015

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Career Prospects in Economics

Economics is the study of the distribution and manufacturing of services and goods. The economists are specialized in working in specific fields such as environmental, financial and political economics. Economic is basically depending upon the quantitative skills and critical thinking. They analysis how people manufacture goods  and services by allocating limited resources such as  raw materials, land, technology, and labor. They research and monitor things like business trends, taxation, costs of materials exchange rates, inflation, and employment rates.

There are number of sectors in economics in which the economist work, such as

  • Micro-economics: Micro-economics is the sector in which we study about the supply and demand of the market.
  • Macro-economic: Macro-economic is the sector in which we study about the investment productivity, inflation, unemployment, etc.
  • Financial economics: Financial economic is the sector which is based on funds, finance and macroeconomics
  • Financial Economists: The economists who mainly related commerce and financial economic study of banking system.
  • Public Finance Economists: public economist verifies the government role in the economy such as taxes, budget, and financial policies of the economy.

If any student pursues their career in economics they have to study senior secondary with commerce with math and economic and then they have to study economics, it can be in any particular area or it can be a honors course in the field of economics.