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Date : 25-03-2015

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Career Prospects Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is the foundation of global exchange, carries load all over the globe. Without the merchant naval force, a significant part of the import-send out business would come to a standstill. In this manner prepared staff is needed for different bureaus of the ship and so there are ample amount of career opportunities for merchant navy. Merchant navy is not just one of the highest paid jobs but also very exciting and the people who are passionate about traveling, this sector is very suitable for those.

Major sector

  • Shipping companies of private as well as government have number of opportunities for young minds.
  • There are various foreign shipping companies who also have number of job opportunities.

 There are various department of the ship where the graduate of merchant navy can build their career such as deck officer, engine department, service department etc.

The navigation officer or deck officer is the in charge officer of navigation department of the ship or deck that is why it is known as deck department. The captain is in charge of the ship. He not just takes care of navigation but also the safety of the passengers, crew and cargo. The national and international code of conduct are also taken care by the captain of the ship.

There is an engine department, which taken care by the marine engineers. On the ship there are three engineers. First or chief engineer, observe all the department of engine. Second, third and fourth engineer take care of other department like boiler, compressor, purifiers etc.

There is a service department which takes care of hospitality and catering department of the ship. The service department also takes care of services or repair of the ships.