BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 25-03-2015

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Career in Chemical Engineering

Talking about engineering, it is the process to design or invent something that doesn’t exist.  As the great physicist ‘ Elbert Einstein said scientists are the ones who explore about things those already exist but engineers create them whether it is a building or a machine. Engineers are those who shape thing or future with the help of their skills to almost everything that can be imagine which is limitless. There are number of sectors in engineering as it’s a vast area to explore. Electronic, mechanical, civil, aeronautical, computer are some of the areas of engineers but there are number of other disciplines under engineering sector as well. 

Chemical engineers are those engineers who work on the process and equipment used in the process of manufacturing product such as fuel, drugs or medicine, papers, plastic, chemical and much more. Nowadays the requirement of chemical engineers is increasing day by day as regular invention has been done in the area of pharmaceuticals, fuels, plastic and other material such as cement, polymer etc. to make the life of human  more comfortable and balanced. For example invention of drugs for treating various deadly diseases likes swine flu, Ebola, and other viral as well as bacterial disease. 

Working on chemicals, manufacturing process requires a strong knowledge of mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering. So the students who wish to make their career in chemical engineering they have to study senior secondary with science stream with physics, chemistry and mathematic as their core subjects.