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Date : 25-03-2015

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Top Engineering Branches in India

Engineering is the most popular and preferred professional education in India. It has lots of branches to choose from. They are broadly classified as core and advanced branches. The traditional branches such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering are considered as core whereas electronics, computer science and other derived branches comes under advanced. Based on the preference of students, top engineering branches of India are enlisted below:


Computer Science:


This stream of engineering deals with development of computer hardware and software by incorporating various approaches of engineering. In the modern era of IT, it is most preferred engineering stream as it imparts wide career approach to the students.


Mechanical Engineering:


This branch of engineering deals with designing, production, development and utilization of machines. It is considered as evergreen branch as its career scope never goes low. It helps students to get highly paid jobs.


Electronics and Communication Engineering:


It deals with research, design, development, testing and maintenance of electronic equipment. It is vastly related with analog and digital communication system. It is derived from electrical engineering.


Electrical Engineering:


This branch of engineering is related to study and application of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. It deals in the field of electric machineries.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering:


This stream of engineering incorporates features of electrical engineering as well as electronics engineering. It provides great career opportunity for the students.


Civil Engineering:


This branch of engineering involves design, construction and maintenance of natural and physical created surroundings such as roads, monuments, bridge, buildings etc.


Chemical Engineering:


It is the branch of engineering which deals with design and operations of chemical industries along with production of chemicals.