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Date : 25-03-2015

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Explore Engineering Related Course Career

Engineering is one of the most selected professions in the world. It provides jobs with excellent salary. It is most prestigious, well paying, stable, challenging and professional work. But there is some related career courses with same background that is required of engineering.



Biotechnology is also an engineering related branch; it is technology based biology. It is the studio of cellular and bio-molecular processes to improve technologies and products that helps to improve our lives and the health of earth. There are too many courses related to bio technology i.e. B.E. in Biotechnology, B.Tech in industrial Biotechnology, Diploma in Biotechnology, B.Sc in Biotechnology, and Bio informatics.



Agriculture science is a huge field of biology that incorporate the parts of exact, natural, economic and social science, that are used in the practice and understanding of agriculture. Courses related to agriculture are B.Sc. in Crop physiology, B.Sc. in entomology, B.Sc. in Agriculture, B.Sc. in agriculture eco and farm management, B.Sc. in Agricultural Statistics, B.Sc. in Agronomy, B.Sc. in Agricultural Meteorology and B.Sc. in Agricultural Biotechnology.




Geology is the scientific study of earth like material that it is made of, chemical and physical processes on the surface, and study about its core and magnetic field. Geology offers too many courses related to it like B.Sc. (H) Geology, PG Diploma in Geology (Ground Water), PG Diploma in Environmental Geology, PG Diploma in Engineering Geology and B.Sc. in Geology

Besides this there are too many engineering related courses, i.e. Textile, Microbiology, Food Technology, and Clinical psychology.