BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 25-03-2015

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Career in Performing Art

Students who wants a career in performing art may choose from various stream related to performing art. There are many careers related to the category of performing art. These careers are playing music, dancing, acting, choreography, directing, producing, and many more. Educational requirements for performing arts are different according to the stream.

 Just for example formal training is not required to pursue a career in music and acting, it comes naturally. Producer and directors need a bachelor’s degree in film of cinema studies and experience in this field. Choreographers mostly come in this field as a dancer.

In this field specific skill sets are required for each discipline. Physical stamina and teamwork is the success key for actors and dancers. Those who want a career in dramatic arts should have memory reading and writing skills. Musician and singers must know how to promote themselves. Those who want to pursue career as producer and director should have creative mind and management skills.

 In May 2012, actors and dancers earned hourly wages of $20.26 and $14.16 respectively. Director and producer earned an hourly wage of $34.31. There is also a chance to get an opportunity to teach others as a teacher. The wonderful thing about being a music, dance or theater teacher is that you get to work with passionate artist daily. You can help them to navigate the world of performance, auditions, with the first experience of the industry.