BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 25-03-2015

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Challenges Working as a Product Manager

A product manager faces too many challenges during his work. The product manager have to focus less on Incremental enhancements but more on new innovations, improving the overall product lifecycle management process.


The product manager has the difficult challenge of leading others across the company without formal authority. Product manager are responsible for offering best market strategies for the company. The best product manager learns to intercept and convert this into offering the best way to solve a problem and create stakeholders. Top five skills that the product manager and their team need to improve are, collect the project feedback and measure the product satisfaction, developing, maintaining and communicating product roadmaps, develop a business case, identify the needs of buyer and user, and market seizing and segmentation.


The product manager must know about what customer wants and what are their needs. To survive and prosper as senior contributors and executive product manager, he must develop the ability to recognize new emerging patterns, improve their ability to articulate with senior executives. The product manager must have strength to lead and motivate the employees under him.


 Senior executives always look for their product manager to improve the performance and advance skills in the field of leadership, strategic thinking, executive presence and process optimization. The point is how skilled a product manager become, but always there will be some challenges waiting for him. These challenges are generally within the product management itself and do not require to transform the entire organization. Product manager should have the ability to solve these problems with patience.