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Date : 25-03-2015

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Architecture Engineering (B.Arch.) Career Prospects

Architecture Engineering (B.Arch.) Career is too bright as it deals with the designing of the buildings and structures. Since 1980’s, architecture has become a discipline with increase in the complexity of the buildings in terms of structures, services, technology, etc.  Architecture designs our lives through the spaces that we live in. It improves and changes according to the lifestyle.

The construction business requires both skilled designers as well as constructors. Focus has now shifted on comfort, luxury and style that’s why we need the architecture.

Huge amounts of investments are made in construction sector every year. There exists a good gap in the demand and supply of the architects. Annual requirement of architects stands over 10,000 which are expected to rise further. The employment opportunities for architects are available in both government as well as private sectors. The course of architecture can be available in colleges.

Initially an architect is expected to understand specific requirements of clients. Private sector is not so much secure than government sector because most of the jobs in architecture come up in government sector such as Public Works Department, the Archaeological Department, Ministry of Defense, National Building Organization, Town and Country Planning Organization, National Institute of Urban Affairs, Departments of Railways, Post and Telegraphs, Public Sector Undertakings, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., etc. While private sector like State Departments, Housing Boards, and Local Bodies for construction works, Builders, Architecture Firms, Consultants, etc. also hire architects.