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Date : 17-04-2015

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Career opportunities within civil services

Civil services offer an adorable and challenging career and provide a path to become IAS, IFS and IPS officers. It is one of the most desired career options among the Indian youth. There are various jobs which are wrapped up and are considered under civil services. This career option provides power, authority, prestige, job satisfaction and handsome salary to the deserving candidates. It provides an opportunity to indulge into social welfare along with the opportunity to fulfill personal appetites too. There comes a wide variety of work under civil services such as development, law and order work, administration, empowerment, disaster management etc.

The job of civil servants gives a secured and bright future. The domain of civil services includes various state government and central government jobs.

Civil services are most essential part of administration of India. They are responsible to run administration in proper manner and to manage it. In Indian democracy, civil servants play a very important role. Although the elected ministers are responsible for running the administration but they can’t deal with the entire regions. Therefore, the ministers handover this responsibility to the civil servants. All the executive decisions are made by the civil servants of India. They are the employees of Indian Government and possess various authorities and powers.

Although, all the jobs of civil services are excellent but the jobs of IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IPS (Indian Police Service) are most desired. The highest designation of the civil service domain is Cabinet Secretory. This designation is of exclusive official chairman of Civil Services Board. According to the order of precedence in India, it comes at 11th position.


To get civil service jobs, one has to appear for civil service exams such as CSE (Civil Services Examination), UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and ESE (Engineering Services Examination). Every year large number of students appears for the exam and only handful candidates are selected for the civil services. Only the best candidates get the chance to become civil servant. The students aspiring to be a civil servant must take care of the following points while preparing for civil services exams:


·        Must focus on language (specially English Language) skills in spoken as well as writing aspects

·        The problem analytical skill is very important, so he/she must work on it.

·        The candidate must be physically healthy and fit

·        Must have hand on practice on comprehensive reading

·        Clear and balanced opinions and views

·        Must have positive attitude

·        Must be capable of accepting challenges

·        Must possess excellent reasoning and logical skills