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Date : 17-04-2015

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Preparation for TOEFL

TOEFL is the abbreviation of Test of English as Foreign Language. It is one of the two major tests of English Language. The other examination is IELTS. The examination measures the English Language skills for non-native speakers of English language. It is an essential examination to get admission into US based universities. Apart from this, many scholarship programs, government agencies etc. use TOEFL scores to evaluate English Proficiency. To prepare for this test, the candidate needs to get familiar with the examination. Following points gives you the basic idea about the test:

Test Modes and Pattern:

The test is conducted in both modules, offline as well as online. The offline mode of test is known as Paper Based Test (PBT) and the other one is known as Internet Based Test (IBT). The PBT mode of the test is available at all test centers but IBT is available at some specific test centers only. The IBT contains four modules, reading, writing, speaking and writing. A candidate can appear in the test only once in 12 days. The PBT mode contains four modules which include listening, structure and written expression, reading comprehension and writing. All of these modules evaluate the English language skills in every aspect.

Test Scores:

For IBT mode of the test, the score is evaluated on a scale of 0-120 points, with each module having scale of 0-30 points. Each speaking question is given 0-4 points and each writing question is given 0-5 points initially.

For PBT mode, the score is within the range of 310-677. In this, writing module score is not a part of final scores. It is evaluated separately on the scale of 0-6.

Accepted Test Scores:


The accepted test scores may vary according the institute in which the student is applying. For IBT mode test, it generally varies from 61-110. The students are needed to score within the range to get admission into the universities.

Registration & Exam Center for TOEFL:

The candidate will have to register online and will have to appear in the test center declared by the examining authorities.

Processing Fee:

The processing fee may change according to the country. It varies from $160 to $240. The processing fee of PBT mode of TOEFL is $160 generally.


The candidates who wish to appear into the exam needs a planned structure of preparation. He must understand that a language can’t be memorized, but needs practice. More and more practice of speaking, listening and writing leads to perfection. The best method to learn any language is to use audio technologies of learning. Remember, keep practicing and learning new words which will improvise your vocabulary as well as language. The night before the exam, take complete rest so that during exam you can concentrate on the test paper.