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Date : 23-04-2015

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Career opportunities in Computer Science

Computer science education is one of the most preferred career options now a day. In today’s scenario of digitalization, almost every job includes some sort of computerized work. Computers and its other format such as smartphone, tablets etc. have become essential parts of life. The computer technology is used from simple phones to rocket & space research. The field of computer science is emerging rapidly at global level. The professionals of this field get the best paid jobs.  The industry needs knowledgeable computer professionals at large scale; hence there is broad career opportunity in the field of computer science.

Computer Science is the field which deals with problem solving using computers. Various work domains come under computer science such as programming, system analyzing, software testing, database analyst, system consultants, Artificial Intelligence programmer, User interface designer, system administrator, network administrator, network engineering, web designer, web developer, IT professional and various others. Broadly, the computer science engineers are divided into two categories, software engineers and hardware engineers. The software engineers indulge in the activities required to develop applications & software such as programming, designing etc. and the hardware engineers indulge into development and production of computer hardware such as keyboard, mouse etc.  In today’s scenario, to get excellent jobs in computer engineering or computer science is not a tough task.

To pursue the knowledge of computer science, the students need to take in any Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme in computer science. Various institutes across India offer these courses. Some of the best institutes are mentioned here: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy, College of Engineering, Pune and various other top institutes. All these institutes take admission through entrance exams such as IIT JEE.The domain of computer science is broad and involves information technology too. The IT professionals develop and manage IT infrastructure of the organizations. Generally, they work with other administrators of organizations and cooperate with them by providing excellent IT support. Almost all the industries in modern scenario need excellent IT infrastructure. Hence the IT professionals are hired at broad scale. They are hired for different job profiles such as IT project managers, IT managers, IT directors and chief information officer. A recent survey has declared that IT professionals get highest salary across the country. To become an IT engineer, one needs to pursue diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate programme in Information Technology.



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