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Date : 23-04-2015

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Career opportunities in Mass Media

The industry of communication technology and mass media has been one of the fastest emerging industries of the Country as well as globe. The era of globalization has opened new doors of career in mass communication. The world has been unified by the upsurge of mass communication and media. The boundary of states and countries has been almost vanished by the growth of mass media. Now everybody across the world can get information of each corner of the world that what is happening where by the means of mass communication. The mass communication sector has proved itself as a very bright career option by offering excellent jobs for deserving candidates across the globe. The sector is not bounded to journalism only which has literature and communication as its essential parts but it also involves the role of technology. The aspirants seeking to shape their field in mass communication needs to pursue a degree of mass communication.

As it has become one of the most prominent sectors of education among the youth brains of India, several colleges across India offer programmes in mass communication and media. Some of the best institutes offering these programmes are, Amity School of Communication, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, Department of Media Studies (Christ University), Indraprastha College for Women, Madras Christian College, Manipal Institute of Communications and Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. These institutes possess best in class faculties of mass communication and media studies. All of these institutes take admission through entrance exams. These institutes offer best career path to the students.

Today, skilled and knowledgeable mass media professionals are in demand in industries. TV and radio channels play important role in modern lifestyle by imparting entertainment means to the masses. Day by day, the number of radio as well as TV channels is increasing. This is the fact; the professionals are needed for the industry.

Various newspaper agencies are also in the competition with an aim to provide best to the readers. They also need highly skilled mass communication and media professionals who contribute into business empowerment of the industry. The mass media degree holders can work at different job profiles in the industry such as fashion photographer,  photo journalist,  video jockey, special correspondent, screenwriter, film director, sound engineer, editor, videographer, public relations officer, copywriter, broadcast manager, print editor, online writer, blog writer, TV correspondent, producer. All of these job profiles give hike to the career of mass communication professionals and welcomes new fresh ideas and minds. The persons who wish to participate in social improvement and wish to do something valuable fits best in this field. 


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