BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 23-04-2015

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Persian and Asian Language scope

As India is emerging as an industrial hub on global platform and all the Indian companies are acting as global players and all the multinational companies across Asia as well as globe are treating India as one of the most desirable markets of their products. At this industrial age of globalization, the industries need language professionals having knowledge of foreign languages so that the company administration can communicate with the local authorities, mass as well as market professionals who speak some other language. The experts of foreign language having good cultural knowledge are in demand in various multinational corporates. Foreign languages provide marvelous career opportunity for the candidates having good knowledge of foreign languages.

At Asian platform, Persian and other Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish etc. are in Demand in Indian as well as Asian Market. The professionals who possess excellent command on these languages get higher paid jobs in the field of business interaction process. These professionals get the opportunity to directly interact with business tycoons across the globe. All the multinational companies recruit foreign language experts to grow themselves in other regions across the world. Asian market is attracting the European industrialists to extend their business in it because the Asian consumers have changed their taste about using the products. The Asian consumers have become brand sensitive and are being attracted towards American, European as well as various Asian brands of clothing, accessories and other daily use products. As a result of this the multinational brands are exploring them into Asian Market and to interact with the locals, they need the professionals who understand the local culture and can speak local language along with the tradition and trend of the company to which they belong too. Lack of communication may lead to business failure which is never acceptable by any industry. To overcome the problem, large number of language experts is hired every year by the industries.

To become a foreign language expert, one needs to pursue vocational or degree course in language studies. This field of education is attracting more and more students towards it. The career scope of the language experts is not limited to translator anymore. Hence, this discipline has become one of the most preferred course trends across the country. Several institutes across India have understood this trend and are offering vocational and degree programmes in Persian and other Asian languages. Some of the best ones are mentioned here: EFL University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Dept. of Persian (Jamia) and Maulana Azad National Urdu University. These universities provide the chance to pursue career in language studies and get highly paid jobs.