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Date : 23-04-2015

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Jobs in Horticulture

The branch of agriculture which deals with the science, art, technology and business of plant harvesting is known as “Horticulture”. This field includes fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, flowers and other non-food crops. It includes harvesting of plants and management after plantation. This field of education is attracting large number of students towards it. To be a horticulture expert professional, one needs to pursue the bachelors’ or masters’ programme in horticulture from any recognized university. The course material of the programme includes all the required theoretical knowledge along with the practical knowledge enhancement papers and labs. Various institutes across the country are offering course programme in this field. Some of the best are mentioned here, Carey Institute of Horticulture (Kolkata), Centre for Extra Mural Studies, University of Mumbai (Mumbai), Ch. Shivnath Singh Shandilya P.G College (Meerut), Aspee College of Horticulture and Forestry (Gujarat), Department of Agricultural Biochemistry, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (Kolkata),  Horticultural College and Research Institute (Coimbatore) and Arts, Science & Commerce College, Kinhavali (Thane). These institutes impart quality training and knowledge in the field of horticulture. There are different disciplines of horticulture pomology, arboriculture, landscape architect etc.

As agriculture is a primary business of India, the field of horticulture imparts very good career opportunity in the country. The field deals of breeding of plants which is to be consumed by people, hence the field of horticulture provides excellent career to the students. In the era of global development, various private as well as government industries are showing interest in the field and this fact increases job opportunity for the horticulture candidates. The horticulture professionals are getting very good career opportunity. Both the sectors, government as well as private offers excellent jobs but as per aspects of job availability and salary, private sector leads upon the government sector. A horticulture professional can work in several areas of industries such as research, chemical industry, machinery, distribution and computer in horticulture. A horticulture expert can work as Floriculturist which deals with the harvesting of flower plants, their management & marketing, Olericulturist which deals with growing vegetable plants, their management, research & marketing and Pomologist, who are responsible for production of fruits. The Pomologist will have to take care of the activities of harvesting, production, management, storage and marketing of fruit plants.

The professionals holding degree of horticulture and possess in-depth knowledge of the field along with practical experience get awesome opportunities in the industries. In modern Indian industrial scenario of horticulture, the industries need large number of horticulture experts. So horticulture has become a gateway towards successful and bright career.


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