BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 02-05-2015

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Laureate Hospitality Education to open a new consulting unit

Laureate Hospitality Education, also known as LSE, is an educational institution that provides students with opportunities to grow and excel in the field of Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Event Management. This institution has been providing excellent quality education to the students from more than 100 different countries. It comprises of four institutions with campuses in seven countries. According to the surveys that have been conducted in the past, Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches International School of Hotel Management are among the top three institutes in the world offering an international career in hospitality management.

Laureate Hospitality Education is now coming up with a new branch that will be focusing on imparting higher education and training the employees in the field of Hospitality, Food and Tourism. This unit will go by the name of Laureate Hospitality Business Education. This newly established unit will be focusing on providing business houses as well as individual students with opportunities to grow in the field of Hospitality and Management.

LHBE will also work with education institutions that want to expand their hospitality education from vocational to master’s levels. LHBE will also help institutions to recreate and modify their existing programs or create a completely new program. LHBE will also provide assistance to the institutions to develop curriculum design for full-time on-campus programs as well as computer based online programs. The consultancy services also include providing assistance in matters concerning facility design, faculty hiring and training support.