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Date : 02-05-2015

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Smriti Irani welcomes European collaboration in higher education initiatives

Europe is the union of 28 countries, has world’s largest economy and has third largest population in the world after china and India. These European countries which make EU are all about peace, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. There are number of institution on both the ends having various similarities that is why the decision should be made on the basis of common interest. For more than 50 years the European countries and India have worked for various issues and joint ventures such as poverty, education, prevention of disaster and trade and other sector of mutual interest.   

The main benefits of higher studies in Europe are resulting career options, availability of scholar, best quality education, value of money and safety and security as if we compare that with other countries. Europe today has 4000 advanced education foundations, from top-level exploration foundations to little, educating centered universities, with more than 19 million understudies and 1.5 million academicians including 435,000 analysts. The European Union is India's greatest exchanging accomplice. Expanding quantities of European and Indian organizations are occupied with two-way exchange and speculation with European organizations giving direct livelihood to 1.5 million and roundabout vocation to 6.3 million individuals in India. 

This further adds to the vocation open doors for graduates with presentation to Europe, particularly in the event that they have obtained dialect aptitudes, for example, French, Spanish, German, Italian and so on. In the globalized world, managers esteem the nature of European advanced education, and the delicate aptitudes, for example, social flexibility, imaginative and free considering, and the capacity to comprehend issues in a worldwide setting.

In New Delhi, The European Higher Education Fair which brings about 100 comprehensively eminent European advanced education organizations to India from 23 European nations was initiated today in New Delhi by Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, Hon’ble Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India. "21st century is a century of collaboration. We are in exciting times in India, with resurgent dreams, resurgent hopes, looking to a bright future for all of us as envisioned by our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Modi. I am happy to note that there are more than 100 universities participating in the European Higher Education Fair from 23 countries,” said Minister Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani. She talked about various initiatives taken up by the Government and sought EU collaboration on the initiatives.

"Under the leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister we have launched the Make in India programme. Next year we are going to roll out the Think in India programme, under which we will put stress on the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics. We will be coming up with Innovation Laboratories to promote science," Minister added. Speaking on the occasion, H.E. Dr Joao Cravinho, Ambassador of the European Union said, “We are delighted that the Minister could visit and inaugurate the European Higher Education Fair 2014. Whether in India or Europe, I firmly believe there is no one single sector that is more important than the education sector.

The Fair should further help to foster international cooperation in education and enhance educational opportunities for Indian students. The Minister’s presence today was not only symbolic but also she brought many dynamic news ideas with her which we will now follow up on.”