BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 04-05-2015

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Two Indian-Origin Women in Advisory Council of UN Foundation's Girl Up campaign

The Girl Up is campaign supported and directed under the supervision of UN Foundation offers the chance to adolescent and teenaged American girls to direct their energy for raising funds, certified awareness and social consciousness for fellow UN programs, that results in assisting and helping some of the remote areas and communities itself. Since its launch in the initiating year 2010, this campaign has financed some of the innovative a new UN programs which basically lays emphasis on Health, Safety, Education, and Headship of girls.

The Foundation has been laying quality concentration on constructing public-private partnerships in order to address some of the world’s basic and continuing glitches, and broadens the support and assistance through quality activism and communal outreach. UN Foundation has its hands on every corner of the world, and the consistency and levels of contribution are not hidden anymore. 2 Indian-origin women from 12 people under the recommended assembly of the United Nations Foundation's campaign provides their contribution and basically raise awareness regarding certain issues and problems faced by adolescent young American girls.

Akila Somasegar and Anjula Acharia-Bath are amongst the 12 other participants on he recommended assembly of the United Nations Foundation's campaign, and are diversely selected in accordance with their dynamic backgrounds, and their aim to support the girls and adhere by their freedom of rights, information, education, expression and intellectual.

India-born Somasegar is known as the Director of Revenue at Seattle-based start-up Buuteeq, concentrated on supplying digital advertising schemes for hotels.

Acharia-Bath is a magnate, humanitarian and Angel adviser/investor. In 2007, she collaborated in the foundation of media-engrossed corporation known to be Desi Hits! The company was the reason behind the introduction of several internationally-acclaimed artists like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears on emerging platforms and markets like in India.