BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 04-05-2015

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Growing sectors in Australia create opportunities for Indian students

A new path has been established in the field of education with the recent visit of the Governor of Victoria, Alex Chernov. Upon his visit to India, Chernov spoke about the rising opportunities for the students in various sectors in Australia. A new alliance between India and Australia will be made possible in the education sector.

There are numerous sectors that will definitely pave way for an array of opportunities. Opportunities can be found in fields like Engineering, Aviation and IT. About 40% of Australia’s Biomedical sector is in Victoria. Agro-Bio center that is a part of the La Trobe University has been working in the agriculture field and it has been providing information to other countries. A variety of cultural programmes can also be found in Melbourne as well.  

The students are also offered scholarships. The Victoria India Doctoral Scholarships is one among the many scholarships that are offered to the Indian students. This scholarship is worth AU$90.000 for the duration the whole PhD candidature and a full fee waiver. The Victorian Government has been offering huge sums in the field of education and it has for the past two years supported scholarships worth AU$ 2.3 million for Indian students. It has also provided a total of AU$ 440,000 to facilitate high quality vocational teacher training programmes in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

This venture between the two countries will definitely bring a change in the field of higher education in the country.