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Date : 05-05-2015

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British Council launches IELTS Awards 2015 on its 25th Anniversary

About the British Council

The British Council is UK’s biggest worldwide organization established for maintaining elementary ethnic associations and instructive prospects with an aim to build an endeavoring trust between countries. With its offices in more than 100 countries along with 8,000 staff, including 2,000 teachers, British Council works efficiently for constructing thousands of professionals with an altitude in career prospects.


With an aggregate of 2.2 million tests conducted each year, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the reputed and most popular English Linguistic test considered as a qualification by over 9,000 didactic, employment and migration officialdoms. This test is basically acknowledged for immigration purposes, and is directed as well as constructed by celebrated authorities in English-language valuation. The major sectors of evaluation are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, and the candidates are provided with scores reliable on a banded system, starting from 1 (lowest) through to 9 (highest).

British Council IELTS Awards

The British Council has recently announced a proficient launch of British Council IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Awards 2015 in order to construct a tremendous and applauding milestone of the IELTS 25th anniversary. This year, the awards are drawn out to Indian students with an aim to help finance the cost of studies abroad, including students in Bhutan and Nepal. The total amount to be dispatched will be Rs 3.9 million. In 2012, Deepika Pradyumna from Bangalore was the one who went on to win the British Council IELTS Award, and pursued her dream of studying for her MSc in Molecular Medicine at University College London in London, UK.

The award fee can be put to use towards tuition and degree fees anywhere outside of the winner’s native country. This year, 13 distinctive awards are acknowledged, 10 from India, two from Nepal and one from Bhutan.