BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 05-05-2015

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International Education Fair by “The Combine Company”

The combine company was established in the year 1999 which came into the existence to impart quality and affordable education. The TCC is a well-managed education firm which work for the students by providing them Education Counselors and Advisors, associated with education in the United Kingdom. The objective of the company is to help the students in India, who wish to study for their higher education in other countries. And for those students who wish to study in abroad for the further education has the utmost opportunity because the combine company is organizing an education fair.     

The TCC provide various facilities for the students so that they won’t face any problem during the admission process in the universities of various other countries. The company provide various facilities for the students to help them getting admission in the abroad universities like Counseling, Institution application processing, Visa application processing, Free visa consultation, Exam training guidance, Pre-departure counseling, Post arrival services and Collect at airport.

 During the international educational fair the British council and British government are accelerating the opportunities for the Indian students to their universities. As they implies that united kingdom is the best place to visit, study and work and offers the students Masters programme in Management, Manufacturing, Science and Technology in a recognized UK institution and follow it up with a month-long internship programme in the UK.