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Date : 07-05-2015

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How to improve Communication Skills

Communication word comes from the Latin word communicate which means to share which leads to the mean that to share the ideas and view through signs or symbols. There are two types of communication which are verbal and non-verbal communication. The verbal communication means the communication in which spoken words are involved and in which listening skills and clarification are also needed for the verbal communication. Secondly which come is nonverbal communication in which the ideas are exchange with the help of non-words messages such as body language and gestures.  

The barriers that affect the communication factor are as follows

  • Stress and out-of-control emotion. When you're stressed on or candidly overpowered, you're more inclined to misread other individuals, send confounding or off-putting nonverbal flags, and failure into horrible automatic examples of conduct. Bring a minute to cool off before proceeding with a discussion.
  • Absence of core interest. You can't impart adequately when you're multitasking. In case you're arranging what you're going to say next, staring off into space, checking instant messages, or thinking about something else, you're very nearly sure to miss nonverbal signs in the discussion. You have to stay concentrated on the occasion to-minute experience.
  • Conflicting non-verbal communication. Nonverbal correspondence ought to fortify what is being said, not repudiate it. In the event that you say one thing, however your non-verbal communication says something else, your audience will probably feel you're being exploitative. Case in point, you can't say "yes" while shaking your head no.
  • Negative non-verbal communication. On the off chance that you can't help contradicting or abhorrence what's being said, you may utilize pessimistic non-verbal communication to rebuke the other individual's message, for example, folding your arms, evading eye contact, or tapping your feet. You don't need to concur, or even like what's being said, yet to impart viably without making the other individual guarded its essential to abstain from sending negative signs.

 Some of the important ways to improve your communication skills are given below

  • Listen carefully
  • Empathy than sympathy
  • Be brief and specific
  • You and audience should be on same page
  • Avoid distractions
  • Question and answer session
  • Be a story teller
  • Avoid unnecessary conversation fillers
  • Body language should be positive