BY : Kampuzz Team

Date : 08-05-2015

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Stuff that should be packed or do while going to study abroad are as follows:-

  • Don't forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes because while travelling and roaming around in abroad, your feet feels comfortable and that comfort would reflect on your body also.
  • Do pack some set clothes in which you feel easy going. It will help you out there to feel good and relaxed.
  • Don't forget to carry all essential stuffs such as Passport, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Tickets, New address details.┬áThere are lots of travel wallets and pouches on the market that you can conceal under your clothes. It will help u a lot.
  • Bring some small and antique gifts from your country because if you are going to stay with a Host Family, You can delight them by gifting them & it will also behave like a memory for you from your country.
  • Bring some comfortable blankets for yourself as a part of health safety concerns.
  • Save your rooms for souvenirs and gifts, e.g. a collection of books, Mugs etc. So when you want to bring those things back to your own country, you can memorize the time you had spent in abroad.
  • You can also do donation by donating your clothes, bags or other stuffs to needy people over there to resemble your nature and kindness.
  • Don't be casual regarding the safety concerns instructed by the airport security system.

Stuff that should not be packed or do while going to study abroad are as follows:-

  • Don't put your clothes in your suitcase like a mess. Keep them in a proper way so that it will be easy to carry.
  • Do not pack too much season-specific clothes & accessories because climate is not a fixed constant, it can vary from place to place. So, in order to adapt new environment and climatic conditions, you just carry some versatile clothes.
  • Do not focus on packing basic needs of yours e.g. toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes etc. because you can easily buy them in the host country .It will only increase the weight of your suitcase as well as occupy the space.
  • Do not forget your mobile phone and other communication stuff because it is important while travelling to abroad so that you can communicate to your closed ones in case of any emergency or problem.