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Date : 09-05-2015

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Admissions, Workshops & Seminars in India by MDIS School of Media and Communications, Singapore


MDIS is Singapore’s oldest institute. MDIS means Management Development Institute of Singapore. It is a type of NPO means Not-for-Profit Organization. It facilitates lifelong learning and exploring. MDIS has been offering Singapore’s First American-style Liberal Arts Mass Communications program since 1992. MDIS share the importance and relevance of mass communication and media studies in today’s world. It also tells about the growing employment opportunities in these sectors.

MDIS is actively starting its workshops in some good selected schools in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and many more in order to enhance the importance of mass communication and media studies. It also gave a hand on experience about the respective field. A seminar named “The Next Wave of Mass Communications” is very famous created by MDIS. After the seminar, MDIS speak to the students on one-on-one basis while conducting further admissions related procedures.

The seminar will have impertinent guests on its panel such as Professor Karlie Harmon, Director of International Mass Communications Programs, Oklahoma City University, US, Former Dean of School of Communication and Media studies, Deputy News Editor and many more. The Panelists are chosen from the mass communication and media field experts whether an Educationist, Employer or Expert.


MDIS has announced admissions to 2 programs for students in India. First are MBA in International Marketing and MBA in Banking and Finance. MDIS is certified by Singapore’s Council for Private Education since 2010 for its business and quality excellence. The MBA program is developed to match the evolving and emerging needs of business demands across all over the world and are comprehensive in approach. The duration of these courses is of 12 months. Fresh graduates and working professionals both can apply for these courses. According to Ms. Jessie Tan, Director, International Business, MDIS, “The MBA in International Marketing attracts many aspirants because it offers real-life experience and practical approach in the form of problem-solving skills and fieldwork”. On the other hand, “MBA in Banking and Finance is famous because of its deep and innovative research in the field of Accounting & Finance”. MDIS also provide scholarship to its students on the basis of academic merit, leadership potential, talents and extra-ordinary efforts.


Along with your good grades, employers also look at your abilities during their recruitment procedures. MDIS enhances the importance of giving relevant personality development training for their students e.g. “MDIS Experience”. It focuses on building student’s self-confidence, self-motivation, communication skills, & creativity by improving their body-language, gestures and postures and eye-contact.  


  • Develop networking and relationship building skills.
  • Develop leadership quality
  • Enhance Decision making skills
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Enhance communication skills and improve body-language