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Date : 09-05-2015

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There are many reasons to consider studying in the UK as one of the top center and destination apart from excellent life style by the students. UK is known for its high-class and tremendous education. UK universities and colleges offer more than 1000 courses itself. It provides great flexibility in the way of teaching and learning. UK colleges and universities provide sandwich courses to their students at under-graduate level and work internships to their students at post-graduate level. UK universities works as a combination of work placements and academic studies.

Students get many wonderful benefits such as deep knowledge of every topic, hands-on experience in their respective fields as well as expertise in their field of interest. It also results in obtaining appropriate employment chances. There are options for students whether they can opt for a full academic year or a summer programs or just a semester according to their requirements. All courses carry equal importance regardless of their time-duration.

UK is not only good for its education system but also give a chance to explore many things such as its culture, historical venues and many more places such as  England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Each of these has their different and interesting history, culture and landscapes.

Drawbacks of UK universities

Now-a-days there is a huge increment in student exchange programs in all over the country. Many students pursue a foreign language course just to go and study abroad. European Union is an example of this. Yet there is an increase in student enrollment for studying abroad but it is also resulting in negligence of student’s mental health and welfare. It is also difficult for students to move to a foreign country and accept the new people and culture over there. Also they have lots of pressure of their academics. All these cases  results in depression, anxiety, isolation, low self -esteem, immunity loss, lack of confidence and much more. But it takes a serious situation when the students don’t even know about their rights and much necessary information. In that cases, students usually consult with their counselors over there if they are provided with so, But in mostly cases they are left with no responses. This causes very critical trouble for students regarding to their mental health.

Points that must be kept in mind while moving to abroad:-

  • In case of any mental health problem, charges should be paid by their respective universities.
  • Mental health Care should be covered under Health Care Insurance.
  • It should be access in both inside & outside the campus.
  • Students must be guided about the health care services by the universities.