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Date : 11-05-2015

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Computer programming -A booming field

As we all know that a computer is just an electronic device which stores, retrieve and process data. We use computer for different purposes like Gaming, online shopping, ticketing (railway, bus, air), to get information about anything in any languages we prefer. The father of computer is Charles Babbage. A computer is used for making calculations and controlling operations which is in numerical and in logical terms.

Computer programming-A booming Field

Nowadays computer programming is becoming an evergreen growing field in the technology sector. First of all to start learning the computer programming one should be specialized in any computer language like Java ,C, C++,Python, JS, PhP  etc. . A college degree or diploma in computer programming can open up a wide range of different career opportunities who wants to make their career in the field of Technology. Experience along with a graduation degree in computer programming is becoming common need among employees.

C and C++ are basically easy languages for beginners to learn in the field of computer programming. Computer Programming is set of languages (BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Ada and Pascal) which are used to control the behavior of machines. Getting an expert guidance would prove more useful than studying alone.

It is one of the fastest growing career opportunities among students. The basic duties of computer programmer –Fixing errors in computer and debug program by testing, expand and update the existing programs, create and write programs in a variety of different computer languages. A computer programmer usually works within the system design and in IT related industry.

Here is the list of some best IT companies which hires computer programmer in India

  • CCET-Chandigarh college of Engineering and Technology
  • VAST-Vast academy of Science and technology
  • SIEMAT-State institute of educational Management and training, Uttarakhand
  • HCL technologies
  • Shaheed virendra singh sirohi institute of Technology