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UGC Approved Two Year Online MBA, Course Fee Rs.30570. Apply Now

The Bharathiar University has been established at Coimbatore by the Govt. of Tamilnadu in February 1982, under the provision of the Bharathiar University Act, 1981 (Act 1 of 1982), the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.

2 Year Online MBA

The postgraduate programme in Business Administration runs for two consecutive years giving ample scope for further specialization like Public Sector Management and Governance, Design, Entrepreneurship and Legal Management. The University offers various 2 Year Online MBA courses which are as follows:-

MBA – General

This is a two year Post Graduate Degree Program. General MBA, will teach students to enhance their business management skills. The main aim of MBA General Management is to train candidates in monitoring and performing the general operations of the company.

M.B.A - Technology Management

This is a two year Post Graduate Degree Program. Technology management involves the application of management skills to the innovation, development, operation, and proper use of technology. By using technology and other resources to solve problems and improve efficiency and effectiveness          

M.B.A - Banking and Finance

This is a two year Post Graduate Degree Program. MBA in Banking & Finance offers tools for managing the financial operation of organizations and problems of the economy. It emphasizes the discipline in analytical foundations and provides the students with the tools for dealing with important practical issues

M.B.A - Financial Services

The Financial Services Program develops the expertise necessary to manage successfully in contemporary financial services organizations    

M.B.A – Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or other organization. The entrepreneur develops a business model and provides students with skills, analytical tools, perspectives, and experiences that prepare them for careers as autonomous entrepreneurs.

M.B.A - Marketing Management

Marketing Management is a subject to develop an understanding of the underlying concepts, strategies, challenges and issues involved in the marketing of products and service marketing. The program deals with behavioral concepts and quantitative methods from a marketing management point of view and provides opportunities for applying knowledge in a wide range of profit and non-profit situations. 

M.B.A - Project Management

This program enables students to become experts in timely execution of projects with optimum utilization of resourses.  

M.B.A - Human Resource

The MBA for HR provides skills to identify and thrash out problems in the management of human resources. This course prepares students to look at their organizations from a system-wide perspective and apply strategic thinking and critical analysis.           

M.B.A. - International Business              

The Master of International Business is a postgraduate degree designed to develop the capabilities and resources of managers in the global economy. It is best for those who are seeking to establish or accelerate a career in international business.

M.B.A - Investment Management

The Investment Management area involves analysis of various types of financial securities and management of investment portfolios. Through this program, the students gain exposure in current theories, practices, and strategies for investment Management.

M.B.A - Export Management     

The students are exposed to a thorough study of the various departments of Export-Import trade. The curriculum has been designed to cover the latest developments in all these fields and the course material is constantly revised to reflect changes in policies, procedures etc.

M.B.A -Tourism and Hotel Management

This program meets the need of the rapidly changing industry and provides students with specific competencies in the tourism and hospitality business area with a practice oriented and holistic approach. The program delivers key competencies required in the tourism business.

M.B.A - Hospital Management

The course in Hospital Management is to train medical and non-medical graduates to undertake a wider range of administrative and managerial responsibilities within hospitals and health care organizations. It provides necessary skills and knowledge for practical orientation and implementation strategies with respect to modern hospitals.

M.B.A - Financial Management

MBA Finance course mainly focuses on developing a career in the financial sphere, especially in the financial operation of multinational corporations in an environment of open and integrated financial markets.

M.B.A - Services Management

Services management involves managing customer service, introducing services to differentiate products and improving services of basic industries.

M.B.A - Retail Management

The program covers various processes which help the customers to procure the desired products from the retail stores for their end use related to retail management. The study in retail management helps customers shop without any difficulty.

M.B.A - Information Systems

The program combines traditional management expertise with technology, giving you the opportunity to take your management skills to an entirely higher level. An information system is an academic study of the complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations use to perform the operations.

M.B.A - Logistic and Supply Chain Management

Logistic and Supply Chain Management program is designed in such a way that it will help students to connect their experience to a comprehensive approach in analyzing the smooth transition of goods and services from manufacturers to the customers.

Course Eligibility

Degree in any discipline
Course Fee in Detail
Payment Fee: Rs. 30,570.00

Installment scheme:

  • Along with the Application: Rs.18,000.00
  • One month after enrollment: Rs.14,570.00