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Date : 14-05-2015

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6 High paying jobs of Future

  • Ethical Hacker

Many top companies hire these experts to purposefully hack systems in order to pinpoint problems in security measures before their less-ethical counterparts get the chance. You can even become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), a professional who's tasked with network policy creation, intrusion detection, and virus creation.

  • Logistician

The Logistician professionals use complex computer software to track the movements of goods and products—and brainstorm ways to make the process smoother and more efficient. Some logisticians even work with government agencies to help clean up natural disasters.

  • Computer programmer

IT professionals in US, the median salary of a computer programmer stood at US$74,280 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, with starting salaries for computer science graduates reaching an average of US$60,000 according to the NACE salary survey.

  • Epidemiologist

These disease wizards work to uncover the cause of various ailments and illnesses, review sterilization techniques and procedures, brainstorm improvements on treatments, and create protocol for containing diseases and infections in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research labs. Plus, you don’t even necessarily need a medical degree for this field; it calls for a master’s in public health.

  • Accountant

According to the 2014 NACE salary survey, graduates with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in the US currently earn an average starting salary of US $ 52,900 while in the UK accounting graduates can earn starting salary of up to UK 25,000

  • Actuary

These business professionals use math and statistics to analyze the financial consequences of risk for insurance companies, banks, consulting firms, and the government. Actuaries earn a national median salary of $87,650—and the Labor Department predicts that it will only get better for them, with a 27% predicted job growth in the next seven years.