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Date : 16-05-2015

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A career in Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake Engineering is the systematic study of earthquakes. It is the solution for danger posed by damaging earthquakes. Earthquake engineering is one of the recent additions to the civil engineering specialties. The primary definition of Earthquake Engineering is to plan to minimize material losses caused by earthquakes that create natural geological risks in community development.

 Earthquake engineers can work independently on a contract basis for construction companies, civil engineering firms, and various government agencies. Earthquake Engineers can easily find work opportunities with research and development organizations involved in earthquake researches.

They can work with government and private agencies engaged in construction of buildings, railways, highways, ports, bridges, and space stations. Even civil engineers can choose to specialize in earthquake engineering, focusing on seismic events and their impact on buildings, roads, bridges, and other man-made structures. Earthquake Engineering, as a profession in India is a newly introduced field in academics and industry. Earthquake Engineering conducts studies parallel with Construction and Geophysical engineering.

Role of Earthquake Engineers

As we know that, earthquake is a natural event that produces great harm to the community and mankind so, to protect mankind from this natural disaster, the role of earthquake engineer is highly needed. The life of an earthquake engineer is always busy collecting & researching data from various sources and finding solutions to make earthquake resistant structures.

 Earthquake engineers connect with seismologists in estimating the frequency and size of earthquakes in different parts of the world. Not only India, but also other countries have realized the importance of earthquake engineers.

Earthquake Engineering Pay Package

Earthquake engineers are integral part of our society. An Earthquake Engineer normally earns Rs 20, 000 to Rs 30,000 as a fresher including many other facilities like HRA, T.A., D.A. and medical facilities.